About Us



KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty initiates his activity in the year 2008 gathering the witness of the experience accumulated in more than 30 years, in cosmetic professional laboratories and creating at present, capillary, corporal and facial products for the domestic markets and countries as the USA, Japan, The Arab Emirates, Russia, between others.

Our laboratories placed in Barcelona, possess innovative lines of investigation, development and innovation (I+D+i) and guarantee that all our products incorporate active beginning approved and certified by the European Union.

The manufacturing processes, meticulously established, with special clean (white) rooms, with purified air, allow to obtain the stamp guaranteed of quality with the legal frame established in the European Union, working always according to the procedure of good practices of production of cosmetics (BPPC).

We are present in several countries, being pioneers in the development of Cosmetics Gourmet. Our wide network of distributors and professionals of the cosmetics, there feel participants of our brands and estimate the products, a service in sole right, an excellent quality and a few delivery times always punctual.

With KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty we give a step improve in the world of the beauty, creating professional solutions for the treatment of the hair and the skin, having as principal aim, the perfect combination between efficiency and immediacy.

each one of our lines, guarantee the obtaining of a healthy hair. After years of investigation, we incorporate the most innovative active beginning on the beauty to offer the best results.

KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty has a very definite philosophy of work: To offer an exclusive product to the professionals of the hairdresser's shop with a service, a delivery, a quality and formation always excellent.