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Our story



KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty

After years of experience in professional cosmetics laboratories, in 2006 we decided to officially create the first product under the KV-1 brand.

We created the first "Anti-Age" rejuvenating treatment for hair called Hair Lifting.

Our product emblem and ambassador of the brand.

Thanks to its great reception in the sector and more than 180,000 sales worldwide, the Hair Lifting family grew during the following years to complete and improve the Anti-Aging treatment, developing our own ritual of hair care through a complete treatment rejuvenating hair.


From Barcelona, we managed to create professional cosmetics maintaining the essence of the city and proposing new ideas, thanks to the crossing of different cultures obtained by the proximity to the big European capitals.


With our Research, Development and Innovation team (R+D+i), which facilitates the continuous development of new products and 100x100 effective hair treatments and formulated by approved active principles and certified by the European Union.


Our manufacturing processes established by clean rooms with clean air, allow to obtain the guaranteed seal of quality under the legal framework established by the European Union, always working according to the regulations of good practices of production of cosmetics (BPPC).

With KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty we take a step forward in the world of beauty, creating professional solutions for the treatment of hair and skin, having as main objective, the perfect combination between effectiveness and immediacy and guaranteeing visible results from the first applications with a continuous use of each of our treatment lines, obtaining above all, a healthy hair and a vital and radiant skin.

During the last years and during our business growth, we have been able to introduce ourselves in a notorious way in different international markets and in more than 15 countries, such as the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Chile among others; Being able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products in the different types of hair and skins of the world.


For us, being effective and guaranteeing the highest quality of our products is the most important thing, and it is not only means being efficient, also sustainable.

As an organization, we decided to reduce the impact that our sector produces on the environment and implement processes that guarantee and promote sustainable manufacturing models, implementing, for example, our own water purification system that collects natural and pure water to process it through reverse osmosis and a system by ion exchange of resins. In addition, we work with local suppliers with sustainable productions, which guarantee the origin of the paper from forests and communities managed in accordance with high environmental, social and economic standards. (FSC® certified)

To safely offer the best of our quality, we make each one of our products in our laboratory in Barcelona (MS LAB), always complying with the regulations in force in Europe, the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices, the prohibition on the use of animals for testing and production through clean rooms under ISO 8 certification and ISO 22716: 2008 certification that guarantees and ensures the highest quality of our manufacturing processes and our cosmetics.

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