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If you are going to dye hair, do it carefully

Dying the hair is maybe one of the most extreme changes in anyone’s look, but it can be very dangerous for the hair: must protect it. Welcome back! Have you ever thought about hair dying? A process that a few years ago was just used to grey hair covering is now a common practice to define…

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Three Steps KV-1

Applying a capillary treatment is necessary to maintain the hair healthy, but it must be done well, without skipping steps. Hi again! Most of you already know us, and you know what we do: at KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty we work mainly in hair treatments to take care of the hair of our users. We are pioneers in…

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What happens to my hair in autumn?

It’s not your imagination: hair falling increases in the months between September and December. Yet, don’t worry! There is a solution. Autumn finally came to establish itself. Tree leaves get dropped on the pavement, the sun falls sooner and the cold reconquers the space it lost in Spring. But there’s another thing about this season:…

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Happy After-Halloween!

The night of the undead is just about to come: ¡Halloween! Pumpkins and disguises go out of the fields and closets to take the streets. And in the air floats the cold autumn, but also the fragrances of perfumes and makeups from those who enjoy this night to become terrific monsters and legendary creatures. And, how…

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Hi! It’s been a long time! There has been such a time that we don’t see each other. It’s true and yes, we’ve also missed you! But thanks to what we’ve been working on these months, KV-1 reborns to keep offering a hollywood-like haircare to your clients. We are back, and our compromise is stronger…

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