Color Explosion – Treatment of color with natural pigment


The innovative line of dyes echo progressive KV-1 EXPLOSION unlike the conventional dyes that dye the hair from the interior, these organic dyes dye for warehouse in the stem of the hair with a high load of pigment. They remain in the hair a quantity of washes and go away gradually after every wash or to be kept in mint condition and even to become permanent by the successive applications.

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Without ammonia
Without become oxygenated
Without PPD
Without Monoetanolomina
Aplicable in the tops Ideal for very damaged hairs
It Recovers the tops to the instant while it dyes infinite Colors (across his mixture)
He Corrects less obtained results Regenerates the hair
Helps to unify the tone in processes of loss of color (difference between root and means / top)

Available colors:

1 Black
4 Chestnut-colored
5 Mahogany
6 Brown
61 Dark Chocolate
3 Blond Golden
55 Blond Coppery
68 Extra Rojo
9 I Shine

To wash the hair with Shampoo and to dry with a towel the excess of humidad. The Color applies Explosion of a uniform way. To cover with a cap of plastic and to apply heat during 30-45 minutes. To withdraw only with water. To condition to give sheen and to be used since wishes.

Precautions of use:
External use. To use suitable gloves. It can provoke an allergic reaction. In case of reactions in the skin reddening or irritation, to clarify immediately and not to continue using in case of contact with the eyes to wash immediately with abundant water.

Available formats:

  • 150ml