Hair Lifting Fine Hair


Hair Lifting Fine Hair
Is the Restructuring one and capillary repairer formulated based on volatile components with a molecular weight that contributes volume, which can apply to him especially type of hairs but, very specially, in thin and faded those.

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It repairs the structure queratínica of the hair, to which it gives sheen, smoothness and peinabilidad.
On the other hand, the really prominent of this product they are his components densificadores strongly 1 innovative and unpublished in cosmetic sector of the professional hairdresser’s shop.
It is not necessary clarified, which it does that his effect is much more lasting. It contains citric notes to give more sensation of freshness in his application beside depurante to contain a citric extract.

Way of Application:

After washing the hair, to dry it with a towel and a small quantity of the product applies 1 pulsation for very thin hair.
To distribute it well for the whole hair, by means of light massage.
Finally to brush and to work.

Available formats:

  • 200ml