Hair Lifting Pure Elixir


Hair Lifting Pure Elixir treats itself about a Restructuring capillary considered an elixir due to his high concentration that it promotes enormously the sheen and the smoothness of the hair. It is possible to apply especially type of hairs but, very specially, in those permanentados or bleached.

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It repairs the structure queratínica of the hair, contributing a sheen, smoothness ends beside facilitating the peinabilidad of the same one.

It has a concentration in active matters of 45 more %.
There has a concentration equivalent to 9 times his weight.
Purity of components without precedents in capillary cosmetics.

Way of Application:

After washing the hair, to dry it with a towel and to apply a small quantity of the product, 1-2 pulsations (VERY CONCENTRATED PRODUCT)
To distribute It well for the whole hair, by means of light massage.
Finally to work with plate.

Available formats:

  • 200ml