Permanent coloration in Cream 1+1


KV-1 Lifting Color is a line of permanent coloration of oxidation. Developed and formulated under the concept capillary anti-age that the brand receives.

This new technology, with extract of caviar, honey and extract of pip of grape, allows the injection in depth of more vibrant colors and of major duration without forgetting the maximum coverage of white hairs.

The new trends in color allow to the professional to have a modern range of colors, with perfect results, the best reflections and a sublime sheen.

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Uniform explanation and controlled oxidation.
Maximum penetration and retention of the color.
Maximum coverage of white hair. Results of color radiant and full of sheen.
Service of color optimized in an alone appointment.
Effect anti-age

The use of KV-1 OXYGENADAS and the restructuring of PERFECT COLOR BOOSTER KV-1 is recommended to improve the result.

Oxygenated KV-1 technically conceived and formulated to develop all sorts of colorations and discolorations, achieving the desired coloration and perfect softness.

Restructuring capillary color enhancement. Its formula based on essential oils protects hair, softens and contributes an extra gloss. It can be applied in the bowl or after the dye.


The coloration in cream lifitng color is mixed in equal parts: 50 grams of coloration with 50 cubic centimeters of oxidizer kv-1.

In tones superaclarantes the mixture must realize with the double of oxidizer kv-1 (100 cubic centimeters of oxidizer per 50 grams of dye). The mixture has to of be doing in a not metallic bowl.

We advise to extend the mixture with a paintbrush beginning for the root, dejándo to rest 20 minutes. To extend later towards the tops with a comb and to stop to act 10 more minutes and to end up by clarifying with abundant water.

To obtain a better fixation, to use for the wash the shampoo recommended by the technical specialist KV-1.

Available formats:

  • Tubo de 100ml