Shampoo Pre Lifting


Prepared special for the wash of the dry, dyed and punished hairs, to which it stops brilliant, soft and with the cuticle prepared to effect a ritual lifting KV-1.
Product specially prepared like pre lifting for the application KV-1.

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Provides color protection and extends dye life.
The raw materials used for this pre-shampooing shampoo have been designed and prepared especially for KV-1, being a unique component, exclusive and of the most advanced hair technology.

Way of Application:

To apply the Shampoo on the hair and hairy humid leather.
To massage softly and to stop to act from 2 to 5 minutes.
To clarify with abundant water. In case of contact with the eyes, to rinse with waters down immediately.
For an ideal result, to follow the rituals KV-1.

Available formats:

  • 300ml

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