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Hair Lifting Original


After rejuvenating the inner part; with this conditioner we will rejuvenate the part of the capillary anatomy that protects its interior: THE CUTICLE.

Once arrived at this point, we just have to seal it, waterproof the hair.

This mechanism of open/close, the same hair is done naturally depending on the humidity that is in the environment and the pH to which it is treated. But, also, it depends on a series of chemical characteristics.

It is important to seal the previously opened cuticles, this is where we will act with the liftings. If we take care of it from the outside, we will take care of the inside at the same time.

Its content in a varied cocktail of oils, is perfected with a high multi-vitamin content and is personalized, for each hair type.

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The structure Repairs queratínica of the hair strongly 2 contributing a sheen, smoothness ends beside facilitating the peinabilidad of the same one.
It has a concentration in active matters;
A concentration Has 5 times his weight;
Purity of components without precedents in capillary cosmetics; It contains Dimeticonol, a powerful repairer of the capillary fiber; It contributes more duration to the brushing.

Way of Application:

After washing the hair, to dry it with a towel and to apply a small quantity of the product, 2 pulsations. To distribute it well for the whole hair, by means of light massage.
Finally to work with dryer – plate according to the ritual to applying.

Available formats:

  • 200ml

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