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Hidratador Pre lifting


The prelifting hydrator is the treatment at the level of the capillary cortex. Now we have the hair sanitized and prepared to absorb: all the shampoos slightly open the cuticle to be able to enter the hair, in case you have to remove remains of cosmetics, dust and dirt in general and, the hydrator, it closes.

This hydro-nutritive treatment has a rich concentration of active ingredients, something that makes it a very effective and visible product since its first use. Its main ingredient is the keratin hydrolyzate.

Its formula optimizes absorption, guaranteeing results. For better penetration, we make the keratin molecule smaller, so it will have fewer obstacles to penetrate the interior of the cortex. And, consequently, the hair will never be saturated with product, prolonging hygiene and providing a light appearance. In addition, it neutralizes the aesthetic load of the hair, facilitating styling.

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It treats the five most indicative symptoms of the lack of health of the hair, overcoat of the hair that has suffered aggressions as the process of dyeing and heat sources, which needs extreme hydration, restructuring of the hair, sheen, smoothness, vitality.

Dehydrated hairs opened Tops and eroded cuticle Tendency to the premature fall and without vitality Dysfunction of the sebaceous glands of the hairy leather Decrease of the normal acidity of the hair

Way of Application:

Be Applied generously by the whole hair, after the wash, massaging from root to top. Be left to act between 3 and 5 minutes. To rinse with abundant lukewarm water.

Available formats:

  • 300ml

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