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Intense Anti Hair Loss Lotion 4.2/4.3


Lotion for hair and scalp with tendency to androgenetic alopecia (hereditary origin).

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It combines synergistically several active multi-effect ingredients that inhibit 5-a-reductase avoiding the formation of DHT, stimulate the microcirculation of the blood and ensure, as far as possible, a correct synthesis of proteins, enhancing the regenerative capacity of the follicle, stimulating growth Of the hair, anchoring the general health of the capillary bulbs enabling an increase of the capillary density.

Application Mode:

Apply, preferably after washing, distributing the product well throughout the scalp and performing a gentle circular massage. Do not rinse. It is recommended to apply 3 times a week with a recommended minimum of 3 months, unless another option is recommended. To optimize the result, apply Intense Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 4.1. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Formats Available:

  • 100ml
  • Ampoules 10x10ml