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365 Smart Hair Protection

A complete kit to protect the hair 365 days a year
KV-1 365 Pack protector capilar

This pack is specially designed to prepare and repair the hair of all  types of aggressions to get maximum protection.

Composed of: 1 shampoo - 1 conditioning cream - 1 hair mask

Protects our hair from environmental aggressions (salt, sun, heat, excess moisture ...), chemicals (coloring, discolorations, chlorine, etc.), as well as mechanical aggressions (dryers, irons ...)

This line is composed of:

  • SMART HAIR WASH SHAMPOO (250 ml): concentrated shampoo with A, C, E & B vitamins. Its active formula manages to moisturize and control the softness of the hair.
  • SMART HAIR HIDRATATION (250 ml): conditioning cream for maximum recovery and hair nutrition. It provides natural density and shine to the hair. In addiction, to repairing the tips and moisturizing tha hair.
  • SMART HAIR PROTECTION MASK (50 ml): hair mask for maximum thermal protection of the hair under external effects such as sea water, sun or high temperatures, iron and hair dryers.