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Shampoo Advanced Cellular Repair


Shampoo Advanced Cellular Repair Champú cleaner and regenerator, for hairs that present an alteration of the cellular cement, becoming weaker and vulnerable.

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It combines an extract of cells mother of apple in the shape of liposomas with a hidrolizado of proteins of sedates, provitamina B5 and I summarize of açaí to help to protect the cuticle and the tops of the hair contributing fluency, regeneration and revitalización of the hair.

Way of Application:

To apply the shampoo on the hair and hairy humid leather. To massage, to stop to act from 2 to 5 minutes and to clarify with abundant water. In case of contact with the eyes, to rinse with waters down immediately. For an ideal result, follows the program Advanced Celular Repair.

Available formats:

  • 300ml