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Ttreats itself about a Restructuring capillary considered as an elixir due to his high concentration of silicon + oxygen that promotes enormously the sheen and the smoothness of the hair repairing of immediate form the córtex-medula and cuticle. It is possible to apply especially type of hairs but, very specially, in those permanentados or bleached.

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The structure Repairs queratínica of the hair strongly 2 contributing a sheen, smoothness ends beside facilitating the peinabilidad of the same one.
It has a concentration in active matters;
A concentration Has 5 times his weight;
Purity of components without precedents in capillary cosmetics; It contains Dimeticonol, a powerful repairer of the capillary fiber; It contributes more duration to the brushing.

Way of Application:

After washing the hair, to dry it with a towel and to apply a small quantity of the product, 2 pulsations. To distribute it well for the whole hair, by means of light massage.
Finally to work with dryer – plate according to the ritual to applying.

Available formats:

  • 200ml

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