Hair Lifting Curls


Acts as a Restructuring capillary, which can apply to him especially type of hairs but, very specially, in more punished those.
It repairs the structure queratínica of the hair, to which it gives sheen, smoothness and peinabilidad.
At the same time it is a treatment of ended to give form to the hair and to obtain the hairdo wished with capillary health.

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It is an innovative formula that uses FixateTM superhold Polymer, a component of last generation, instead of the fixing traditional polymers.
It has the property of being able to direct the hair in the direction that is wished and support it in this position. It gives, in addition, soft tact, extraordinary sheen and a renewed strength. He moves back without problems, with a simple wash without residues.

Way of Application:

The gel is applied after washing the hair.
To brush and to dry with dryer.
If a wet” aspect wants to be given a major quantity be used; to brush and to stop to dry without using dryer.

Available formats:

  • 200ml