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Happy After-Halloween!

The night of the undead is just about to come: ¡Halloween! Pumpkins and disguises go out of the fields and closets to take the streets. And in the air floats the cold autumn, but also the fragrances of perfumes and makeups from those who enjoy this night to become terrific monsters and legendary creatures. And, how about you?

There’s nothing as funny as the night of Halloween: buying or making a costume, having a plan with the friends, preparing for the party and giving it all until the sun rises. If you want to enjoy again as a child, this is also your night: staying up until late, wandering through the streets and asking for candies to strangers is a funny way for breaking the routine and enter again, for some hours, in the fantastic reality of the children.

Who doesn’t like a plan like this? But be careful! Every great Halloween costume includes a huge amount of makeup, because looking dead staying alive is a little bit complicated. And a grand amount of makeup, although just for one night, isn’t good for your skin… If you have in mind becoming a gloomy undead through lots of dark makeup and tatty clothes, stay with us: somebody has to take care of what happen after you come home.

Let’s see: you arrive home after praying to the undead, taking the streets all night long, and you are tired of fighting a bit against your costume and enjoying even more of this unique night. You go through the door, look yourself on the mirror and see your face crying for help to get washed and be cleaned of all that makeup, but it’s really hard for you spending so much time removing all those layers of beauty products at four in the morning. And sleeping with that face is, of course, out of the question. Luckily, you remember that yesterday you’ve read the blog of KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty, where they’ve write about their Cleanser Mousse of SCR, and you bought it to your stylist: saved!

But, what is the Cleanser Mousse by SCR?

Our Cleanser Mousse by SCR is a very simple treatment and easy to use to erase all kind of dirt and makeup without rinsing or drying the skin out. That’s why it is suitable for all kind of skin, being dry or greasy.


Its mousse texture helps to penetrate better between the layers of dirt or makeup, providing to the skin, also, a tensing effect to provide firmness, at the same time that cleans, thanks to its coconut oil derived ingredients; because of that, this facial cleanser is perfect for preparing the skin for the application of an anti-wrinkle cream. To all this, it must be added the Acmella Oleracea extract, a typical Madagascar plant which contains a huge quantity of spilanthol, an element that relaxes the skin micro-contractions, reducing instantly the expression wrinkles.

Coming back to the present, you remember that yesterday your stylist sold you a Cleanser Mousse by SCR and you go to the bathroom. You open it, apply it and, in less than a minute, you don’t see that horrifying monster in your face again, and you’d even say that you look younger than before! Your face is clean, fresh and younger again, and you can already go to bed without any worries. A perfect way to end this long long night.

If you want to have this sensation, dedicate this article to your hairdresser or stylist tagging it on social networks, calling it o explaining it to it on your next visit. This way you could have also our Cleanser Mousse SCR.
Meanwhile, we write you here our website for you to take a look to it:

We hope you liked the post and enjoy this Halloween Night reborn, thanks to the Cleanser Mousse by SCR.

Hope to see you soon!